DIMATE CCM: For production managers and quality managers Component Content Management

The DIMATE CCM is designed not only for test images and reports, but also for all the information regarding a test object – from manuals to orders and assessments to certificates and drawings. A continuously updated DIMATE CCM thus provides a 360° digital lifetime documentation of the test object. This is a step by step process– depending on the information that is digitally available and on the IT systems linked to DIMATE CCM.

The underlying idea of the DIMATE CCM determines its unique approach: Existing and tried and tested software solutions are not abolished. Instead, the data is transferred to the DIMATE CCM via an interface, for example from SAP, and converted into a standard format. If no digital process is available for a certain work step, it can be established with DIMATE CCM. Thus, all information regarding a test object is successively consolidated and can easily be retrieved.

  • Test data
    Orders, images, videos, signals, evaluations, photos
  • Process data
    Certificates, qualifications, standards, drawings
  • Documentation
    Manuals, protocols
Test objects
ERP system
Service providers
Creation of a “digital component lifetime documentation”
View of digital files
Digital archiving

1. Test objects can be components, complex assemblies or plant parts, depending on the definition of the inspection object in the inspection file.

2. Delivery certificates, construction drawings of components, warranty agreements, etc. are often stored in suppliers’ IT systems.

3. All test and inspection data, the “lifetime information” of the components/test objects, etc. are stored in the ERP system.

4. External service providers, such as test laboratories, also store important data on the test object or components in their IT systems, inter alia, the raw NDT data.

5. If inspectors and inspection managers already work with the DIMATE PACS, the test data such as orders, images, videos and reports can be transferred directly to DIMATE CCM. At this point the data has already been converted to DICONDE. The advantage: The data does not have to be transmitted individually, but is already consolidated.

6. Gateways and interfaces convert and structure the proprietary data and transfer it to DIMATE CCM.

7. DIMATE CCM links all existing information on a test object and structures and categorizes it. The structure can be set up individually and based on the previous analog files. A word of caution: Do no try to create a digital mirror image of your analog process! Digital documentation can do much more!



DIMATE introduces new tool for digital condition monitoring and documentation of defects on components and equipment.


NDT 4.0

The NDT industry is digitalizing, not tomorrow or the day after, but right now.



With DIMATE Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), DIMATE offers the end-to-end digital testing and inspection workflow from the cloud.


Case Studies

Many companies have chosen DIMATE to digitise their NDT processes with the innovative picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

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