Numerous refineries are already implementing DIMATE PACS – you should also consider catching a digital wave with us. Let’s PACS!

With DIMATE Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), DIMATE offers the end-to-end digital testing and inspection workflow from the cloud.

Energy, Oil & Gas: Predictive maintenance starts with a digital inspection management.

NDT digitization faces different challenges in every industry. DIMATE solves them all.

The new DIMATE video highlights the advantages of digitalization and shows how much it takes the drudgery out of NDT.

The acronym PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System, i.e. a system to store and process digital image data.

The NDT industry is digitalizing, not tomorrow or the day after, but right now. We see that not only in our daily work as the suppliers of DIMATE, software for digital image and …

In the medical sector, the DICOM Standard (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) regulates the digital image management since more than 20 years. It defines the …

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