DIMATE NDT Cloud Service

With DIMATE NDT Cloud Service you can benefit from the advantages of the innovative DIMATE Software by paying a fix monthly fee instead of buying the software (Software as a Service = SaaS). The shift from analog to digital processes in NDT will be even more attractive, affordable and efficient.

Everything that testing teams need Digital test data at one click


The DIMATE NDT Cloud Service assembles all information about a test data and archives it - regardless of whether it relates to a component, a measuring point, a pipe, a weld, a casting, a plant part, a module - or whatever you test. The DIMATE NDT Cloud Service offers a workspace for managing your daily tasks.

Ready to use Simple and transparent


The DIMATE NDT Cloud Service is web-based and can be accessed from every computer. No investments in expensive hardware or software components required. The subscription price includes the DIMATE NDT Cloud Gateway for uploading all test images, test reports, videos and other documents to the cloud storage, as well as two concurrent user licenses of the DIMATE NDT Cloud Viewer Web, which can be used to access your NDT cloud data.


Anytime, anywhere Accessible from any location


Easily access the test data from your computer or tablet and any browser and share it with others.
The DIMATE Cloud Service can be started from anywhere, the only requirement is access to the Internet. Once your data has been uploaded to the cloud, it is immediately available at any other location with access authorization, whether at the contractor, colleague or customer.

Safe storage Economic security with DICONDE


The digital archiving of the test data in the DIMATE NDT Cloud fulfills all requirements for secure storage. In order to be able to guarantee this, all data are converted into the globally recognized DICONDE IT-standard and mirrored within the archive (2nd copy of the original data). The use of the DICONDE format allows you to migrate the data to other IT systems at any time.

Application examples

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