The first and most important step on the way to predictive maintenance is the digitization of inspection data with a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). A PACS provides the basis for automated, reproducible and high-quality evaluation of inspection data. This is the conclusion reached by a refinery operator in Rotterdam - who incidentally also saves 300,000 euros annually with the PACS.

Another advantage is the high availability and transparency of the digital data, which can be accessed at any time and from any location and can be viewed simultaneously by several stakeholders. Especially in stressful TAR, construction or conversion phases, better and faster decisions can be made, work planning is optimized and scope is streamlined. In addition, the data in the PACS forms the digital foundation for predictive maintenance, which only offers real added value with an excellent data integrity.

Better quality, lower costs

However, the use of a PACS not only paves the way to the industrial future, it also saves money: The optimization of inspection processes alone saves a good 300,000 euros annually. Indirect and contributory benefits result from the increase in data quality of inspection data for further processing in ERP, RBI and IDMS systems.

React faster and make better decisions

Switching from analog to digital inspection data is the first and most important step towards the future of industrial plants. And this consists of a data-driven predictive maintenance as well as a fully automated, reproducible and high-quality evaluation of inspection images.

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