Partnership between DIMATE and diondo

diondo does not only aim to provide the best computed tomography equipment but also the best solution for optimized testing processes. One of the most important prerequisites to achieve this aim is a sophisticated archiving solution. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that diondo and DIMATE cooperate – and they offer a special deal: every buyer of a diondo CT can test the DIMATE PACS for free for three months.

Why a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) when the CT system is already equipped with a software package for evaluation? Because the PACS provides important additional functions of a database and an archive, because it can be linked to your ERP system, because it can display the results, as a distributed solution, anywhere, even on mobile devices!

No searching, no waiting, no cry

The data volume of a CT-test can be massive: 50 gigabyte is quite common. When such volumes are stored as individual files on hard drives – maybe even along with other corporate data – they are very likely unretrievable.

The DIMATE PACS hugely simplifies the management of image data and evaluations: it provides a database in which all tomograms are linked to the evaluations performed by the analysis software and grouped. The Archive Manager offers lossless data compression by up to 40 percent and always stores data in the recognized DICONDE file format (ASTM- and NADCAP-compliant). Since test order and component data is also in DICONDE format, the DIMATE PACS supports test reproducibility.


The archive is linked to the database, i.e. if the original data for a part, an order, a customer, etc. is needed, the database accesses the archive and quickly displays the information on the screen. The DIMATE PACS gathers all the information on a component and can provide it in parallel via a web viewer.

The DIMATE PACS can be used for images and data from any other test equipment and processes. The system archives the test data securely and makes it available with a few mouse clicks. The data is stored in an audit-proof manner and permanently archived; and of course the Archive Manager also controls data migration.


The DIMATE PACS saves time and ensures greater safety through

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Lossless compression of image data
  • A smart database that allows all information on a part to be merged
  • Reproducibility of the tests

DIMATE offers all DIONDO customers a three-month trial of the DIMATE PACS – completely free of charge. After the trial period, users can switch to attractive purchase and usage models.

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