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Lennart Schulenberg from VisiConsult

In the very north of Germany, there is a company that is obviously acting very foresightful. VisiConsult in Stockelsdorf has been working since its foundation to establish digital radiographic processes in NDT. That was in 1996 – at a time when internet usage was still billed per minute and Netscape was one of the big players in the market. At best, experts whispered about the digitization of an entire industry behind closed doors. The risk that the company's founders took with their strategy paid off. Today, VisiConsult is one of the most sought-after companies when it comes to building customized material testing systems and solutions.

"Our specialty is the development and construction of test processes around a component or for a production process. In other words, we design tailor-made systems, for example for production lines in the automotive industry or robotic systems for use in aviation. Our customers describe their requirements and we develop a solution for the automation of their test process including hardware and software as well as archiving and networking," explains Lennart Schulenburg, Head of Sales and Marketing at VisiConsult.

Lennart Schulenburg can only confirm that such tailor-made solutions are experiencing a real boom on a digital basis in recent years. "The concept of Industry 4.0 is a major accelerator of digitization. Because: There is no automation without digitization." In order to successfully automate processes, however, intelligent software solutions are also needed that network existing data, structure it and archive it in compliance with legal requirements.

Without the right software, things do not work

And this is where DIMATE enters the game. An advantage of the use of DIMATE sees Lennart Schulenburg in the use of the DICONDE standard, which becomes more and more essential, especially in the aerospace and the oil and gas industry. Which are the industries with a high level of safety requirements on the part of the customer with regard to the handling of test results and images. Much more decisive for him, however, is the experience in the field of healthcare, which DIMATE can show: "The processes in NDT are not that different from those in medicine. NDT also involves networking all test data, for example from radiographic and ultrasound examinations, assigning them to a batch and/or a workpiece, presenting them to the user in a clear and user-friendly manner. And, finally, to archive the data in such a way that they are protected from any changes and can be read for the next 30 years. Here, DIMATE is already extremely far in development and features, which of course brings advantages in practice," says the VisiConsult sales expert, who is happy to announce to have an innovative and proven software partner for the "digitization wave" in the Industry 4.0 boom at his side.

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