Don't just talk, do: This is the motto of the DIMATE management when it comes to the change towards a sustainable economy. That is why DIMATE will in future also align its corporate strategy with the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The step toward anchoring defined sustainability goals in business processes marks an important milestone in the company's still young history: "In addition to economic success, ecological and social issues are extremely important to us. However, we don't just want to get involved privately, we want to anchor sustainability strategically in our business processes. We are aware that as a small company we cannot save the world. But we can make an important contribution and take responsibility," explains Peter Rosiepen, Managing Director of DIMATE and initiator of the sustainability activities.

Sustainable Development Goals set guard rails

In order to ensure that it does not remain mere lip service in daily work practice, it was important for the DIMATE team to define goals and measures that were as concrete as they were realistic and to set up a strategy that fits in with the company's economic activities. A good starting point for this evaluation process is the SDGs, which are used around the globe by states, municipalities, companies, associations and initiatives to develop sustainability strategies. The 17 goals are an outcome of the so-called 2030 Agenda, in which the United Nations addresses global environmental, social and economic challenges. The goals include such as overcoming poverty and hunger. But equality, sustainable economic growth, lifelong learning and the careful use of resources are also defined as goals.

"Of course, we are committed to all 17 goals. But in order to make real progress, we will focus our strategy on goals that are essential for us and then pursue them on a permanent basis. What these will be will emerge in the coming weeks. Our team's current task is to analyze all 17 goals and check their relevance for our company," says Peter Rosiepen.

Workshop as starting point

The starting point for this process was an introductory workshop on the topic of sustainability and implementation of the SDGs, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here, the knowledge base was laid for the process that will now follow. In a second workshop, the concrete goals and measures will then be developed and fixed.

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