No matter which industry, digitalization of NDT processes offers a slew of advantages – it is more cost-efficient, increases safety and quality and it eases staff workload. Even more: the transition from analog to digital is affordable. Attractive cloud solutions at monthly flat fees are the perfect way to start.

The new DIMATE video highlights the advantages of digitalization and shows how much it takes the drudgery out of NDT. Invest 90 seconds now – and save innumerable hours of quality time for the really important things in your life.




DIMATE GmbH is an innovative and dynamic company based in Bochum, Germany. We want to pave the way for the digitalization of NDT – and to accompany you on this journey. How we do that? In a nutshell: We help our customers identify the perfect solution to digitalize their NDT processes and to integrate it in their existing IT architecture. Our software allows digitalization of any process in any industry that uses NDT to ensure safety and quality such as:

  • automotive
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • energy (fossil fuel and renewable)
  • aerospace
  • mechanical engineering and construction
  • transport (road & rail)

The first step on the journey towards NDT digitalization is usually safe archiving and management of all test images and test reports no matter what type of test or which equipment manufacturers are involved. DIMATE allows you to digitally manage all test data –  RT-D, PT/MT, VT, CT, UT, etc. – in a single software solution since the data is stored in the internationally recognized DICONDE standard (ASTM E2339).

DICONDE allows all images and other data, such as test reports, drawings, certificates, or digital notes, to be fed into a digital structure and made available via the DIMATE CCM as component file, site file or vehicle file.

Would you also like to reduce your costs and benefit from the other advantages of digitalisation? Then request a free consultation with our experts:

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