Complete your testing processes 70 percent faster – with the DIMATE PAC

Analog NDT processes can be time-consuming. Particularly when the evaluation of test images is done manually, for example on analog X-ray films. In addition, finding the test documents for a specific component and reviewing the test settings data can be troublesome.

In a digital test process, all necessary data – from the order through specs to the test image – is available at the touch of a button. All these factors can reduce the time needed for image evaluation and audit-proof storage of all test documents by up to 70 percent.

Figures of success

These figures are not figments of our imagination but real results of time measurements in real NDT projects at our customers. Additional time savings are due to the fact that data from previous tests are available digitally and can be located quickly. This allows inspectors to view component data any time and anywhere.

These time savings allow for more tests to be performed per day – which can significantly increase efficiency and ultimately ROI.

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