We are proud to announce that DIMATE now cooperates with Trueflaw, the expert for artificial intelligence in NDT. Our goal: automatize routine analyses, support inspectors and increase test quality.

NDT processes encompass a number of routine tasks that – while necessary – require an inordinate amount of inspectors’ time and attention. Case in point: the detection of material defects in x-ray images is time-consuming and tiring.

This is where the DIMATE PACS and the AI software of the Finnish company Trueflaw come into play. The PACS being the test images and report management system saves the digital annotated x-ray images in a standardized data pool. This data is used to train the AI software to perform certain tasks.

Once the training is completed, the software autonomously detects material defects and reports them to the DIMATE PACS. The DIMATE PACS in turn forwards these images to the inspector who does the final assessment and then transfers the images to the archive.

You are interested in how much time you might be able to save with the DIMATE PACS and the Trueflaw AI software? Contact us: sales@dimate.de

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