Imagine: A component on which your company recently performed NDT turns out to be defective with a production stop or – even worse – personal injury a possible consequence. That’s going to be expensive and soon the question will arise as to who will pay for the damage. In disputes and litigation firm evidence is often not available.

But when the DIMATE PACS was used, unambiguous evidence is only a few mouse clicks away. The software solution undergirding the PACS ensures audit-proof archiving of all test data and documents and makes it fully available within seconds.

What exactly does audit-proof mean? The term audit-proof has emerged in connection with digital archiving of business data and relates to the financial and legal significance of audits. In any company an audit is the objective review of all every-day business processes. The idea of an objective review is also the core of “audit-proof” in a digital context. In order to be audit-proof, data management has to fulfil certain requirements: archived digital data is complete, its origin and history are traceable, the data is locatable and tamper-proof, i.e. it cannot be changed or manipulated.

Digitalization = Safety & Security

In a paper-based data management system tamper-proofing is virtually impossible. Handwritten changes can be inserted, pages can be lost or replaced. Completeness and traceability are also requirements that are difficult to fulfill since paper documents can easily and secretly be changed. When push comes to shove the responsible testers, inspectors and managers will have a hard time proving a compliant test procedure – which can be a severe economic risk.

Digital data management with the DIMATE PACS ensures audit-proof data. All data and images linked to a particular test procedure are archived digitally. They are traceable, they are unambiguously attributed to a certain test object and they can be retrieved with a mouse click – completely and objectively. Each change that is made to data is meticulously documented. Thus, at any point in time it is absolutely certain who performed the testing, that all images are error-free and that the analysis was based on state-of-the-art technology.

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