DIMATE Service:
Let’s go digital together

Many companies know that they need to change the way they work. They want to optimize, develop, modernize – but beyond these more or less vague ideas, the ultimate goal of the change process is often hard to define, not to mention the individual steps along the way.

And that’s where DIMATE Service comes in. DIMATE Service is our knowledge hub. Here we combine our experience, expertise and individual strengths of our team members – and the customers can pick and choose what they need. In close cooperation with our customers we develop an overarching strategy as well as specific goals for their NDT digitalization.


Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. That’s why DIMATE Service also offers the opportunity to thoroughly test our software.

DIMATE SERVICE – Portfolio Business Case Assessment Implementation Training

1. Together with you we develop your business case with the goals and added value you want to achieve with digitalization.

2. We identify the processes that can be digitalized and liaise with the corresponding department managers.

3. In cooperation with you we implement the digitalization plan step by step.

4. Knowledgeable staff is crucial for the software to be able to generate maximum benefits and added value. We offer training and guidance.

If you want to chart new digital territory with us, our experienced team is looking forward to working with you. Contact us for an initial appointment at info@dimate.de


Ready for bits and bytes

Digitalization of NDT is no longer an option – it is a must. Our blog series “Ready for Bits and Bytes” highlights the benefits of digital NDT for individual companies.


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You want to know more about DIMATE CCM, the areas of application of the software and the specific benefits for your solutions? Our team is happy to answer all your questions.



In this webinar you will learn how to archive test reports, handouts and other files in the DIMATE CCM in a tamper-proof manner and in the DICONDE standard.


DIMATE Product Description

Get a good overview of the DIMATE software and its areas of application. Click here for our product brochure.