Digitalization in the NDT Service Provider Sector - Efficiency through Optimized Inspection Processes

The digital transformation in industry is forcing NDT service providers to take action. When production companies and plant operators increasingly rely on Industry 4.0 processes, this also changes the requirements for service providers.

Networked solutions are needed to stay agile and profitable in the future. Today, you can save up to 70% of your time evaluating inspection data. End-to-end digital inspection processes and artificial intelligence make it possible.

DIMATE helps drive digitalization in the service provider sector and equips inspection services with practical digital tools. With us, the transition to intelligent inspection processes happens without disruptions and in the shortest possible time.

Innovative software for inspections and NDT tests

Digitization in the service provider sector is sustainably improving the quality of inspection results. Analog processes are not only being replaced, but enhanced by numerous intelligent features.

Our PACS software digitizes the entire process chain - from order management and evaluation of inspections to secure archiving of data.

The vendor independent IT-standard DICONDE allows you to easily connect our software with existing test systems. At the same time, you can digitize your services without having to set up your own IT infrastructure. The structured storage of test data in the DIMATE database helps you to retrieve images, videos, signal data and reports at any time and even to create lifespan files of assets or components.

The secure and DICONDE-compliant transfer of test data ensures that you can, for example, evaluate test images regardless of location or view them together with the reports. Our import gateways transfer results and data sets from all test devices into the software - whether radiography, ultrasound or other test methods.

Your employees have decentralized access to reliable data and benefit from accurate information. This speeds up approval processes and helps you provide your customers with optimized service.

In addition, we use machine learning and AI algorithms to assist the inspector in his or her evaluation routine and to more accurately assess the integrity of equipment and components.  

Success stories in the NDT service sector - digitalization with DIMATE

We offer companies in the service provider sector individualized solution concepts for the digitization of test procedures. Together with you, we identify the needs that our digital tools should meet in your practical application. In this way, we guarantee that you digitize communication with clients even in ongoing projects.

BP refineries in the US and Europe or the MiRO refinery in Germany and other oil and gas companies in Scandinavia including contracted NDT service providers are already using DIMATE software and services. Our customers share NDT orders or NDT data, effectively reducing operating costs and making plants safer.

Precision, efficiency and cost savings through digital solutions

As an innovation leader for digital NDT processes, DIMATE helps service providers to sustainably improve inspections. With our PACS, we streamline the evaluation and documentation process and make your day-to-day work more flexible and efficient.

You can select the degree of automation in the NDT area according to your needs. Standardized procedures also serve as a tool to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers.

We implement solutions even for the most complex requirements: The DIMATE Viewer Pro is the state of the art for evaluating inspection images independent of the manufacturer and comparing them with other data of the same component. Customers use this technology, for example, to monitor safety-relevant components in petrochemical plants. Monitoring can be carried out with low organizational and personnel costs. This reduces costs while increasing inspection quality.

NDT service provider: One step ahead with digital transformation

Would you like to modernize your testing processes to simplify communication with customers and authorities and manage data more intelligently?

As an expert in digitalization in the service provider sector, we support you with appealing solutions. We relieve your employees and ensure that test images are evaluated in an optimized manner. We also create central data pools for you and enable the uncomplicated integration of all data into your ERP, QA or IDMS systems.

Do you have any questions? Contact us now. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you personally on the benefits of our digital solutions for NDT services.

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Case Study

Huge success for bp

bp established a continuous digital inspection process by using DIMATE PACS – including the digital evaluation and transmission of quality-assured inspection data to the RBI.


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The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.


Stitching of RT images

The DIMATE Viewer Pro now has a new feature for stitching RT images: the images are registered and digitally stitched together to form an overall image.

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