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Materials testing, inspection and maintenance is becoming digital – and thus faster, more secure and independent. Changing from analog to digital work processes is extremely easy and can be done without modifications in the current IT infrastructure. That is, of course, if the right software is used. The digitalization requirements and the software vary from industry to industry.

For NDT service provider these software properties are essential:

  • Simple digital connection to the customer, resp. plant operator

  • Compensation for shortage of technicians by means of standardization and automation

  • Rapid amortization of the investment

  • Transmission of standardized test data to clients and authorities

  • Standardized and structured data pool as basis for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications

10 reasons for working with DIMATE PACS

1. Up to 70% time savings in the evaluation process of on-stream inspections

2. Digital storage of all NDT orders (RT, UT, ET, PT, etc.) in one system

3. Quick assessment of the image quality and analysis of the test images

4. Significant reduction of the inspectors’ work load, i.e. inspectors can evaluate more measuring points

5. Centralized access to all previous tests with images of the test setup, i.e. faster setup of follow-up tests

6. Faster sign-off and shorter shutdown times during turnarounds

7. Inspector-neutral, transparent and reproducible documentation, data access by mouse clicks)

8. High-quality data for ERP, RBI, IDMS due to digital image calibration, digital wall thickness measurement and digital analysis of welds and pipes

9. 100% DICONDE-compliant

10. Audit-proof archiving

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Case Study

Huge success for bp

bp established a continuous digital inspection process by using DIMATE PACS – including the digital evaluation and transmission of quality-assured inspection data to the RBI.


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The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.


Stitching of RT images

The DIMATE Viewer Pro now has a new feature for stitching RT images: the images are registered and digitally stitched together to form an overall image.

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