Sascha Treuheit

Intelligent and successful software supports the users and facilitates their processes. That is what we are striving for.

When Sascha Treuheit develops software systems, he knows exactly what he wants: sophisticated functionality and simple as well as intuitive operation. Since mastering this challenge requires more than writing code Sascha is happy to be tightly involved in any customer project from the get-go: what are the customer’s specific requirements? What does the environment look like in which DIMATE will be embedded? How can the customer fully leverage digitalization? Together with the customer and the DIMATE team Sascha will find the answers to these questions and turn them into bits and bytes.

Christian Gaß IT Service Technician
Joachim Janßen Sales Manager
Jens Martin Managing Director
Kateryna Mykolaichuk Digital Marketing Manager
Peter Rosiepen Managing Director
Patrice Scheidt Software Developer
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