Digitization in the rail sector: challenges and solutions

As an environmentally friendly transport method, rail transport is essential to successfully implement the transport shift. However, the German rail network has not been extensively digitized to date and, according to experts, is not sufficiently prepared for the challenges of the future.

Countries like Norway are much further ahead in terms of digitization in the rail sector. Networked communication systems and real-time data make rail operations future-proof and enable long-term cost savings.

End-to-end digital solutions are available for inspections and maintenance. At DIMATE, we support companies in the rail transport sector with our software solutions for the digitization of non-destructive testing as part of vehicle inspection. Thanks to structured data management, you benefit from maximum transparency and security.

Innovative solutions for digitization in the rail sector

Whether for locomotives or cargo trains - digitization in the rail sector simplifies organizational processes. In addition, safety-relevant processes can be optimized if data is available digitally and independent of location.

DIMATE PACS helps to digitalize rail traffic. We ensure that you can record inspection data decentrally and store it centrally. In this way, we reduce the effort required for NDT data evaluation, documentation and distribution of results. We avoid human error factors and digital media breaks in the inspection processes by design.

With the help of our software, it is possible to automate numerous inspection processes. This is recommended, for example, for monitoring tasks on cargo or passenger trains. Location-independent and standardized inspections are essential in terms of the dynamics of the rail system.

Whether it's digital operating logs for locomotives or digital NDT data evaluation. We ensure that all decision-makers with authorization can retrieve important data at any time.

Artificial intelligence supports you in analyzing data and structuring it as needed.

Increased efficiency and cost savings through digitization

Digitized maintenance processes have numerous advantages for companies in the transportation sector. With the DIMATE PACS, you can perform inspections on the fly, reducing the time and manpower required. In addition, remote diagnosis helps to make better use of existing resources and improve capacity utilisation.

In the long run, you can work more economically in rail-based mobility - without high new investments. The change from analog to fully digital maintenance processes according to ECM is possible without technical hurdles. The simple use of the DIMATE software in your IT infrastructure or the operation by DIMATE as Software-as-a-Service make it possible.

At the same time, digitalization makes the railroad sector more environmentally friendly at its core. With reliable data on your assets, you can start building a greener future now.

For example, our digital tools increase the availability and integrity of rail vehicles and supporting infrastructure.

Rely on our experience and know-how

DIMATE is an innovation leader in the digitalization of test processes. Companies from various high-tech industries rely on our services to modernize their internal processes with our software.

Vendor-independent solutions hold great promise for the digitalization of the rail sector because they intelligently unite complex administrative structures and protect your IT investments. In addition, approval processes are faster and security standards are higher.

Our experts can provide you with personalized advice on how to digitize your rail operations. We customize the software to your needs and automatically integrate the data into your administrative systems.

Contact us now and benefit from intelligent test procedures in the shortest possible time. High savings, practical software and comprehensive customer service - go digital with DIMATE.

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Huge success for bp

bp established a continuous digital inspection process by using DIMATE PACS – including the digital evaluation and transmission of quality-assured inspection data to the RBI.


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The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.


Stitching of RT images

The DIMATE Viewer Pro now has a new feature for stitching RT images: the images are registered and digitally stitched together to form an overall image.

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