Digitization in public infrastructure

Public infrastructure is characterized by enormous complexity. To overcome global challenges, regionally effective solutions are needed. This is evident, for example, in road networks, which have to adapt to new needs as a result of the transport shift.

International conflicts and growing cyber risks also highlight the importance of modern digital processes.

In reality, however, municipal and state infrastructures lag behind expectations. Instead of networked management and control methods, analog procedures continue to be used.

DIMATE helps you to successfully implement digitalization in public infrastructure with individualized software systems. With us you get fit for the future.

Innovative solutions for digitization in public infrastructure

A functioning infrastructure requires high-quality monitoring tools. To comply with applicable safety regulations, you need to perform close-meshed material testing.

As an innovation leader in digitized NDT, we ensure that you perfectly capture the integrity of structures. We digitize the testing and inspection processes with smart software solutions and integrate further data to create a digital life record of your infrastructure. With DIMATE PACS, your inspection processes run digitally within the shortest possible time. It is not necessary to create IT structures internally, because we also operate the system for you as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on request.

We enable you to create uncomplicated digital life files. You can use these to compare measurement data with archive data and detect defects at an early stage. Artificial intelligence helps you assess risks and optimize safety mechanisms, for example for bridges. Predictive maintenance is essential, especially for reliable control management in traffic and supply networks.

Increased efficiency and sustainability through digitization

Material testing in many industries is still analog or not entirely digital. Although modern testing equipment is used, subsequent processes have digital media breaks. Recording readings manually, filling out Excel test reports, storing test data in a historically grown folder structure - all this is time consuming. In addition, there are numerous sources of error within this inspection workflow.

Digitization improves safety in public infrastructure because inspections become easier and more efficient in practice. You get a reliable and centrally available data basis for all decisions. In this way, you significantly improve the safety network of the infrastructure.

We reduce ongoing costs in the long term while easing the burden on your staff.

In view of ambitious sustainability goals, digitization is becoming increasingly relevant in public infrastructure. We use smart data analysis and machine learning to uncover potential savings in your facilities. With the help of digitally networked data, you can make your projects more environmentally friendly.

Trust in our experience and expertise

DIMATE offers customized digitization concepts that make public infrastructure future-proof. With us, you gain transparency and operate more sustainably.

Our software is used internationally in numerous industries:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy industry
  • Chemical and medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • and many more

Already today, companies save up to 300,000 EURO annually in asset inspection with DIMATE PACS. We would be happy to advise you personally on the potential benefits in your application.

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Case Study

Huge success for bp

bp established a continuous digital inspection process by using DIMATE PACS – including the digital evaluation and transmission of quality-assured inspection data to the RBI.


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The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.


Stitching of RT images

The DIMATE Viewer Pro now has a new feature for stitching RT images: the images are registered and digitally stitched together to form an overall image.

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