Patrice Scheidt

Mapping complex processes with simple software solutions is a key driver at DIMATE.

For more than 20 years Patrice Scheidt has worked as a software architect and system engineer at VISUS Health IT GmbH - the company from which DIMATE emerged and whose software provides the technological basis for the DIMATE products. During this time, he contributed significantly to the further development of the solution and will continue to do so in the future with a focus on the challenges of NDT. In his private life, Patrice Scheidt is interested in his record collection and in music in general - which currently plays in the family around the two small children who set the tone in everyday life.

Christian Gaß IT Service Technician
Joachim Janßen Sales Manager
Jens Martin Managing Director
Kateryna Mykolaichuk Digital Marketing Manager
Peter Rosiepen Managing Director
Sascha Treuheit Software Developer
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