Kateryna Mykolaichuk

The potential for DIMATE products is huge – and the market will continue to grow.

As a driver of NDT's digital transformation, DIMATE relies on a strong digital presence. Strengthening and orchestrating this to engage with other players via social media and platforms is Kateryna Mykolaichuk's job. The Digital Marketing Manager sees it as an exciting challenge to further anchor DIMATE in the market with creative measures and successful strategies and thus drive the digitalization of the industry. In her free time, Kateryna Mykolaichuk likes to solve tricky puzzles – and in her day-to-day work, she also ensures "unencrypted" communication with customers and partners.

Christian Gaß IT Service Technician
Joachim Janßen Sales Manager
Jens Martin Managing Director
Peter Rosiepen Managing Director
Patrice Scheidt Software Developer
Sascha Treuheit Software Developer
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