American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a professional engineering association in the United States. The New York City-based association was founded in 1880 and has approximately 130,000 members (as of 2013). Outside the United States, ASME has offices in Belgium, China and India (as of 2015).


American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM is an international standardization organization based in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA. It publishes technical standards for goods and services. Although ASTM is not the national standardization institute that represents the United States within ISO (this is ANSI’s task), it is one of the world’s largest and internationally renowned developers of standards. Nearly 13,000 ASTM standards are used worldwide to improve product quality, safety, and facilitate trade.


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Top-level federal agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its main headquarters are in Berlin; a second location is in Bonn. The current head is the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier (CDU).


Component Content Management

Component Content Management is an innovative principle within testing and inspection. The term is related to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a proven industrial concept. ECM ensures that within an organization digital data is intelligently collected, managed, stored, preserved, and delivered. It merges information in a structured way.
And this is exactly the task of CCM – but not with regard to company-wide data, but with regard to all data belonging to a component. The result is a complete digital life-time documentation that provides all available test and inspection data in a structured form and with a simple mouse click.


German Society for Non-Destructive Testing

The German Society for Non-Destructive Testing is an internationally renowned technical-scientific association with more than 1,600 corporate and personal members. Its aim is research, development, application and dissemination of non-destructive testing methods.


Digital Imaging and Communication in Non Destructive Evaluation

DICONDE is a standardized digital file format similar to PDF or JPG. The DICONDE standard harmonizes the proprietary formats in which individual manufacturers provide their image data. Such harmonization or standardization is a prerequisite for the image data of different manufacturers to be read by an IT system. Manufacturer neutrality allows the inspector or tester to view, manage, and archive image data from different sources in one system. The DICONDE format also ensures long-term data security because, unlike manufacturer-specific formats, it is used internationally and in the long term. The DIMATE products can convert proprietary formats into DICONDE via so-called gateways.


Enterprise Content Management System

ECM includes strategies, methods, and tools for capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering content and documents to support organizational processes in the company. “Enterprise” refers a solution that can be used by all authorized users of an organization. “Content” refers for any content in electronic systems. “Management” refers to the management, processing and control of systems.


Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP system is a software solution that helps to better structure and automate the company’s workflows and processes.


Power plant number system

The Power Plant Label System (KKS) is a uniform and systematic labelling system for systems, facilities and equipment used in the supply of electricity and heat. It is basically suitable for all energy sources. In particular, KKS is a tool for the operation of power plants as it supports all operational processes. In addition, KKS is the basis for digitalization and digitalized processes.


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

The LDAP directory inter alia provides information about users and their group affiliation. The LDAP gateway supports the integration of JiveX NDT into existing user and rights management systems. The LDAP gateway enables access to user accounts of an LDAP server as well as the management of the groups. Log-in to JiveX NDT is done via authenticating on the LDAP server. Applus RTD thus makes parallel maintenance of access codes and passwords obsolete.


Laboratory information and management system

A software-based laboratory and information management system that can support the operation a modern laboratory.


Manufacturing Execution System

It is an essential building block of digital transformation. It enables real-time control, monitoring and control of production.


Picture Archiving and Communication System

The term PACS was coined in healthcare, radiology to be precise. In a PACS, digital image data is processed, managed, archived and communicated. An intelligent and modern PACS can do more than just process and archive images: It ensures that radiological image data is made available outside of radiology. Thus it can connect radiology, for example, with the referring physician by allowing him or her to access patient data such as images and reports.
The DIMATE PACS transfers this functionality to the testing and inspection process. In the DIMATE PACS, digital images can be edited, archived in an audit-proof manner and communicated easily– for example to the customer.


Risk-based Inspection

A maintenance process for testing equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers and pipelines in industrial plants. RBI is a decision-making method for optimizing inspection plans (traffic light system).


Mechanical Engineering Industry Association

With around 3,300 members and headquarters in Frankfurt/Main, VDMA is the largest network organization for mechanical engineering in Europe.


Vendor Neutral Archive

A vendor-neutral archive (VNA) is a medical imaging technology that stores (archives) images and documents in a standard format with a standard interface so that they can be retrieved from other systems in a vendor-neutral manner. This terminology is used in contrast to traditional picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)

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