DIMATE PACS: For inspectors and inspection managers

Picture Archiving and Communication System

DIMATE PACS is the "middleware" between the company IT systems, such as SAP or GE Meridium, and the test equipment or the NDT service providers, so that the exchange of test orders and test results is standardized for the first time. 

DIMATE PACS is also the workstation for NDT inspectors for the safe evaluation of test images and data as well as the management of inspection reports. 

DIMATE PACS is also the audit-proof archive for test images, reports and all other inspection documents. 

DIMATE PACS integrates artificial intelligence into the evaluation process and serves as a data source, e.g. for a digital twin. 

DIMATE PACS can give all stakeholders, such as inspectors, customers, suppliers, service providers or the authorities, controlled access to the test data. With access security, of course. 

Digital archiving
Test devices

1. For a quality-assured inspection process, DIMATE PACS receives the test orders from the leading IT system, e.g. ERP, RBI or IDMS. It forwards the orders to the test devices or to the inspection service providers. Orders can also be entered manually.

2. The DIMATE PACS transmits the test orders digitally to the test devices—with all parameters necessary for the test and a clear component assignment. DIMATE works vendor-neutral with all test devices and absolutely compliant to standards.

3. The test device transfers the test data to the DIMATE PACS. There they are assigned to the test order and the component.

4. If the inspection data was transferred in a proprietary format from the test device, DIMATE PACS converts it into the DICONDE IT standard. This has the advantage that all inspection data is standardised and structured as well as vendor-independent. Important properties for audit security.

5. The DIMATE PACS Server is the central communication hub for the digital testing processes. It establishes all connections to the test devices and to the leading IT systems and enables the secure retrieval and archiving of test data and documents.

6. The DIMATE PACS archives the test data and the evaluations/analyses in an audit-proof manner. They can be easily and completely retrieved from this digital archive at any time.

7. All information at a glance: Via the DIMATE PACS Viewer, test data can be professionally evaluated and viewed together with the corresponding reports.

The DIMATE PACS performs the following jobs for you:


Huge success for bp Refinery Rotterdam

Since 31 January 2022, the DIMATE PACS has been optimizing on-stream inspections during live operations.



DIMATE introduces new tool for digital condition monitoring and documentation of defects on components and equipment.



With DIMATE Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), DIMATE offers the end-to-end digital testing and inspection workflow from the cloud.


Case Studies

Many companies have chosen DIMATE to digitise their NDT processes with the innovative picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

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