Technology for Tomorrow‘s Inspection Management

Plant Safety

  • Optimal plant integrity through AI-assisted measurements
  • Audit-proof data management
  • APIs for Predictive Maintenance & Digital Twin
  • Remote availability of all NDT data (RT, UT, VT, inspection reports, etc.)

Future Viability

  • Compensating for the shortage of skilled workers through software and AI
  • Energy transition through higher plant availability

Return On Investment

  • 2,000 hours reduction on integrity checks of CML data per year
  • Savings of approximately 2–3 million Euro per turnaround
  • Cost reduction for on-stream inspections of 300,000 Euros or more per year
    *These values are based on customer feedback.

In Use At


Coordination with IT management

Analysis of test devices

Preliminary discussion of customer-specific Al projects

Placing the order at DIMATE

Installing the software on the customer’s system

Configuring the system

Connection to APM/IDMS

Coordination with the test service providers

Connection of the test devices

Training of all users

Acceptance and release go-live

Implementation of customer-specific Al projects

Ability to integrate other test systems

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DIMATE PACS is your gateway to the world of digital inspection. It is a powerful way to connect all systems as well as to manage and evaluate inspection data.

Case Study

Huge success for BP

BP established a continuous digital inspection process by using DIMATE PACS – including the digital evaluation and transmission of quality-assured inspection data to the RBI.

Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is providing significant improvements in inspection processes: automatic error detection and higher data integrity. DIMATE is leading the way!


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