DIMATE GmbH is an innovative IT company that drives the transformation of business processes in NDT through the digitalization of inspection processes. From test data acquisition, data management and archiving to data evaluation using artificial intelligence (AI), our IT solutions optimize the entire inspection process. Our goal is to make safety-relevant components and assets even safer.

From medicine to industry: the story of DIMATE  

DIMATE is a spin-off from VISUS Health IT GmbH, which was founded in 2018 to digitize the processes around non-destructive testing (NDT) and thus making them more precise and safer. The company´s founders recognized the need for digital solutions for material testing, inspection as well as maintenance at an early stage and used their knowledge from medical diagnostics to develop specialized IT systems that map the entire testing process with software support. The name DIMATE is a combination of "digital" and "mate" and stands for our promise to be a trustworthy companion and mentor on the way to digitalization for our customers.

With competence and experience: The DIMATE Team  

The entire DIMATE team is highly qualified and motivated. We are oriented towards the extremely high IT and service standards of the industry and at the same time score with individualized solutions. With our expertise and experience, we are able to handle even the most complex projects.  

The special feature: We develop all DIMATE software modules ourselves at our location in Bochum, Germany, giving us full control over the source code and product development. Furthermore, we attach great importance to personal support, so our customers have a direct line to the helpdesk and a fixed contact person. In short: We are personally and wholeheartedly committed to digitizing NDT and making inspection processes better and safer.

With foresight and reliability: The DIMATE Management Team  

DIMATE's success is managed by two experienced executives, Jens Martin and Peter Rosiepen. Peter Rosiepen is responsible for operations, sales and marketing. He uses his strategic thinking and visionary leadership to identify new opportunities, build key partnerships and drive company growth. Jens Martin is the technical director and oversees DIMATE's software development and support with his extensive experience. Together, Peter Rosiepen and Jens Martin form a strong team to establish DIMATE as an innovative company in the field of digitizing inspection processes internationally.




The DIMATE PACS is your gateway to the world of digital NDT. The software consolidates all test images regardless of format, modality and manufacturer in a central location.



The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.

Case Study

Huge success for bp Refinery Rotterdam

Since 31 January 2022, the DIMATE PACS has been optimizing on-stream inspections during live operations.

Case Study

Digital NDT in Germany's largest refinery

The NDT processes in Germany's largest refinery should become digital. The MiRO refinery selected DIMATE for the implementation of this flagship project.

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