DIMATE GmbH is an innovative and dynamic company based in Bochum, Germany. We want to pave the way for the digitalization of your company – and to accompany you on this journey.

Tailor-made products for each test scenario

Digitalization of NDT, inspection and maintenance is in the wings – and that is good news. We are convinced that digitalization has the potential to make test processes more efficient and facilities safer. How? By optimizing processes and increasing quality as well as transparency and reliability. Prerequisite, however, is a practical, intelligent and process-oriented concept. Enter DIMATE. The DIMATE products and services take the workflow steps along the NDT process chain and transfer them to the digital world. Step by step. And only as far as it makes sense for the individual company. The digital transformation with DIMATE ranges from digital image acquisition, assessment, management and archiving to the establishment of lifetime documentation.

Excellent service and partnership on an equal footing

We are not just another run-of-the-mill software sales team. We tailor solutions for our customers that optimize their day-to-day testing processes, increase revenue and quality. Our goal: to enable our customers to smoothly navigate future challenges such as shortages of skilled staff or AI-controlled test scenarios. We can only reach this goal by working hand in hand with our customers and by developing long term partnerships. We help you find the solution that’s right for you – and to integrate it into your existing IT architecture.

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DIMATE was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from VISUS Health IT GmbH. Experience had clearly shown that the products of VISUS Health IT GmbH can make an important contribution to the digitalization of non-destructive testing. This might sound far-fetched, but is in fact quite logical: As the German market leader for the digital management of medical image data, VISUS Health IT GmbH developed an excellent, extremely sophisticated, user-friendly and secure solution for the management of images created by X-ray, computed tomography, endoscopy or ultrasound.

Clinical examination processes are very similar to those in material testing. In both areas “diagnoses” have to be made based on images, and they have to be reported and archived in a tamper-proof manner and made available for treatment purposes.

VISUS Health IT GmbH, however, offers even more. The Bochum-based company was one of the first to develop an IT solution that was able to collect all medical information of one patient. In German hospitals, this was short of a revolution, since previously physicians had to access different IT systems in order to obtain a complete picture of a patient. The JiveX healthcare content management system was finally able to transfer all information, regardless of the source, to a single central system from where it could be forwarded or viewed on a screen. VISUS thus also provided an important building block for an electronic patient record (EPR).

The principle underlying the idea of an EPR can be applied to NDT, inspection and maintenance: It makes sense to store all relevant information about a component in a single system and to create a lifetime documentation for each component.

VISUS Industry IT GmbH evolves into DIMATE

The success of VISUS Industry IT GmbH, which was founded in 2018, showed a major need for digital solutions in material testing, inspection and maintenance – and that the tried and tested as well as safe solution from the healthcare domain provided a good basis for digitalization. Relatively quickly, a stand-alone, independent product was developed and optimized step by step for industrial processes. To signal this independence, in 2021, VISUS Industry IT GmbH became DIMATE.

The company name is composed of the words “digital” and “mate”. It conveys one of our core values: we see ourselves as companions, as friends and perhaps as mentors on our customers’ path towards digitalization. We do not sell a product, we develop and accompany processes.




The DIMATE PACS is your gateway to the world of digital NDT. The software consolidates all test images regardless of format, modality and manufacturer in a central location.



The DIMATE CCM digital lifetime documentation provides a 360° view of the component. All data regarding a component – images, handouts, test reports – are available in the software.


Huge success for bp Refinery Rotterdam

Since 31 January 2022, the DIMATE PACS has been optimizing on-stream inspections during live operations.



DIMATE NDT Photo App DIMATE introduces new tool for digital condition monitoring and documentation of defects on components and equipment.

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