Inspection Data Lake with DIMATE PACS

The usage of AI in the process industry is not possible without an Inspection Data Lake.

To create a Digital Twin and to be trained for Predictive Maintenance, AI needs a standardized and compatible data source. Since the data formats usually depend on NDT inspection devices from different manufacturers, the data cannot be sent directly to the AI.   

The Inspection Data Lake collects data from your existing systems, materials testing devices and service contractors and stores it in the vendor-independent IT format DICONDE. This guarantees integrity across multiple systems.

Providing AI with a standardized and compatible data source results in highly accurate defect recognition and precisely built Digital Twin.

We have developed the DIMATE PACS software that fulfils all the criteria of an Inspection Data Lake, and we make sure that our clients use their data most efficiently and profitably. Arrange a demo to take your next step towards the future of inspections.

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