Fresh funds for innovative growth

The very good business development of DIMATE as well as the successful implementation of the DIMATE products in the NDT market caused a lot of praise from the company's shareholders. And for additional funds.

These funds should flow primarily into further software developments and greater internationalization. “The digitization of the NDT industry currently offers a lot of potential. The greatest potential lies in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into testing and inspection processes. We will therefore spend the additional funding on integrating AI into the DIMATE software for test image as well as data analysis. But we also want to further optimize data management and the processes for ultrasonic testing," explains Jens Martin, technical Managing Director at DIMATE.

DIMATE around the world

In addition to the technical developments, DIMATE is increasingly focusing on international growth. "Our software solutions are not only unique in Germany, but also globally. Especially in Europe, America and Africa, the demand for intelligent PACS solutions is increasing, as shown by our projects in the Netherlands, Norway, USA and South Africa. The expansion of the international sales and service structure is also necessary because many projects are implemented across locations and thus countries. With the new financial resources provided by the shareholders, we will be able to respond even better to the challenges of the market and the needs of our customers in the future. We are raising the DIMATE PACS to a new level in materials testing, inspection and maintenance," says Peter Rosiepen, Managing Director and responsible for Business Development.

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