DIMATE's Strategy Session and Internal Networking Event

We recently held an internal strategy session designed to provide our shareholders with a deeper understanding of our expansion plans. Following this collaborative session, we organized an event that allowed shareholders to connect with the DIMATE team on a more personal level. It was a day of strategic discussions, practical insights, and opportunities.

Strategy Session: Diversifying with a Vision for Sustainability

Our business strategy session was dedicated to looking at our plans for growth in the energy sector. Shareholders came together to discover DIMATE's vision: help companies streamline their inspection workflows in all energy sectors. While we aim to expand in downstream, we're also exploring opportunities in upstream, midstream and clean energy sectors. During this gathering, we also collectively discussed the challenges inherent in these domains. Driven by our unwavering commitment to digitalization and sustainability, our team members engaged in thoughtful conversations, sharing their expertise and insights. The session fostered a holistic understanding of our expansion plans and objectives, with a focus on improved asset integrity and our contribution to a sustainable future for our customers.

Building Connections: Networking Time

After the strategy session, we set aside time for shareholders to get to know the DIMATE Team better. The aim was to foster a stronger sense of community, strengthen our relationships and have engaging conversations. During our networking time, we partnered with a local catering business to provide delicious food. Supporting local businesses is a part of who we are, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them.

A Promising Future Ahead: United in Purpose

The DIMATE strategy session and networking event set the course for an exciting future. We will expand our presence across the energy sector and support plant operators and NDT service contractors in digitizing their inspection processes, and we will do so with enthusiasm and a shared vision. DIMATE is more than just a company - it is a community of dedicated and professional people.

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