DIMATE introduces new tool for digital condition monitoring and documentation of defects on components and equipment.

For the proof of condition or the documentation of defects on components or plant parts, a photo is often useful in addition to the typical (NDT) inspection procedures. 

And for this special purpose the DIMATE NDT Photo App has been developed, so that photos can be planned or taken immediately on demand and assigned directly to a component. 

For this, the Photo App communicates via the DIMATE PACS with the IT systems of the customer (ERP, RBI, IDMS, isometrics, ...) and retrieves the corresponding part or component information in order to link it directly to the photo. 

In the case of unplanned photos, e.g. during an inspection of a plant, the photos can also be assigned to a component manually and by reading in a barcode / RFID code. 

Within the user interface of the app, the photos can be supplemented with further information and descriptive texts and finally sent to the DIMATE PACS, from where they can be distributed in the network, viewed and, of course, also saved. 

The DIMATE NDT Photo App

  • works on- and offline 
  • can recognise components by scanning barcodes, QR codes and RFID 
  • supports a digital end-to-end workflow and is an important component for reproducible as well as audit-proof documentation of components and systems. 
  • helps inspectors and experts to get an impression of the problem from remote  
  • shortens release processes in turnarounds significantly 
  • works on iOS (Apple) and Android devices 

Are you interested in seeing the DIMATE NDT Photo App in action? Contact our Sales Manager Joachim Janßen janssen@dimate.de to arrange a live demo and learn how this tool can improve your NDT workflow today.

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