In a two-phase process DIMATE digitalizes on-stream inspections at British Petroleum (BP) in Rotterdam with the aim to offer a digital network for all sub-contractors and to enable all service providers to exchange all test data, i.e. orders, images and reports in a standardized manner.

Phase one, the proof of concept or pilot phase, is about to be completed. Phase two, putting everything into operation, will follow right away. As soon as the DIMATE PACS is used routinely in the processes, BP will be able to plan NDT tests and necessary shutdowns more efficiently and more effectively since all data is digitally available – which will also significantly reduce the length of shutdowns. The ability to exchange digital data with a few mouse clicks and the fact that the data is accessible at the same time in several locations will accelerate authorization procedures.

All test data such as images, reports and other documents is stored in an audit-proof manner in the DIMATE PACS at BP and is available in all linked systems and for all decision-makers with the relevant access privileges.

Over the course of the next weeks and months, standardization of the test processes and the corresponding workflows based on digitalization with the DIMATE PACS will be expanded to other sites.

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