Component Content Management for the Energy Industry

In today's rapidly changing energy industry, efficient information management is critical to ensuring sustainable operations and high asset availability. However, in many cases there is no central access to production, inspection and operating data of system relevant components such as electrolysers, rotor blades, heat exchangers, etc.

With the Component Content Management (CCM) DIMATE offers a central and structured lifetime documentation for relevant components with integration into the customer's administrative systems and thus closes the existing gap. In the DIMATE CCM, not only test images and test reports from inspections can be found, but also all information belonging to a component - from the manufacturer's QA documents to orders and evaluations to certificates and drawings. When fully populated, the DIMATE CCM provides a digital life record of the object. As a result, all stakeholders can work more efficiently, make substantiated decisions and thus take a significant step towards sustainability.

Would you like to learn more about the use of DIMATE CCM in the energy industry? Please contact our Global Energy & Sustainability Team at We will help you take your component management to the next level.

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