Closing the Gaps: DIMATE PACS Redefines Plant Inspection Workflow


Many plant operators around the world use IDMS or APM systems to inspect thousands of measuring locations per year and work with external contractors for RT, UT and VT inspections. However, the typical manual processes in the inspection workflows, which involve manual data entry at various stages, posed a significant risk as approximately 10% of the inspection data was incorrect. These mainly include the manual entry or assignment of order and component data during radiographic testing, the entry of measurements in Excel reports and the correct naming of files for storage.

With the introduction of DIMATE PACS, all digital gaps and media discontinuities in the inspection process as well as in the evaluation of inspection data and in communication with service providers can now be closed.

In short, DIMATE PACS has revolutionized inspection image management and inspection data processing, introducing a new era of efficiency and accuracy in plant inspections.

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