DIMATE PACS – your next step towards the future of inspections

10 reasons to boost your digital inspection processes with DIMATE PACS

Have you heard that numerous refineries around the world are already implementing DIMATE PACS? Here are 10 reason why they are doing so and why you should also consider catching a digital wave with us. Let’s PACS!


1. Your existing systems, devices and service contractors are linked into a digital End-2-End inspection workflow.
2. You get a structured and compatible data source for feeding Risk Based Inspection systems as well as Digital Twin and Predictive Maintenance projects.


3. Your test data is standardized into the international IT-format DICONDE that is vendor-independent and guarantees data integrity across systems.
4. You get an audit-proof archive where data is complete, locatable, unaltered and has a traceable history.
5. You get access to important data anywhere on the globe in a few clicks.
6. Your test data can be distributed to selected stakeholders which creates an even more productive digital workspace.


7. Defect detection can be supported by AI, resulting in very high accuracy.
8. Your test images from different inspections can be evaluated side by side and compared to assess and predict corrosion development over a period.


9. You save several $100.000 in on-stream inspection annually as well as in turnaround periods.
10. You get improved digital inspection processes integrating just one software to existing systems.

Simply put, the DIMATE PACS saves time and money by providing a fully digital inspection workflow and a higher data integrity for your asset management. Would you like to learn more about the DIMATE PACS? Request a demo and let’s PACS!

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