In this interview, Jens Martin, technical director at DIMATE, talks about his practical experience and why the potential for digitization is not yet being fully realized.

Digitizing inspection processes with DIMATE PACS eliminates the need for X-ray film, chemicals, paper or archive rooms. It also reduce ...

Numerous refineries are already implementing DIMATE PACS – you should also consider catching a digital wave with us. Let’s PACS!

Energy, Oil & Gas: Predictive maintenance starts with a digital inspection management.

How much does an hour of shutdown of your plant cost in the turnaround?  The amount you save will be immense – and will cover the amount you invested in the DIMATE PACS within 2 …

Digital NDT can reduce the time needed for image evaluation and audit-proof storage of all test documents by up to 70 percent.

With the DIMATE PACS, unambiguous evidence is only a few mouse clicks away.

The acronym PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System, i.e. a system to store and process digital image data.

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